Is there a lead time for production?

Lead times depend on the products being ordered… we do keep some products in stock in which case the lead time is negligible, whereas custom-built items and some of our larger cubbies take several weeks to produce. If you’re working to a particular deadline,

Will council approval be required?

For the majority of our products council approval is not be required for installation, however for some products and for some councils there may be an application and approval process to be followed. If in any doubt contact the relevant council early and they are generally very helpful in giving guidance.

How do we find out pricing?

Please contact us directly for product pricing, either at inquiries@lypa.com.au or call us on (08) 9361 0555.

Can products be customised?

Definitely. We generally build to order and can tweak existing designs or start from scratch with a new concept to meet your particular requirements and to be quite honest, we always like a challenge.

How do we order?

Simply drop us an email at order@lypa.com.au or give us a call on (08) 9361 0555 and we'll be happy to help.

What about safety?

All our products comply with relevant Australian Standards, we work with engineers during design to ensure structural integrity and structural engineering certificates can be provided.

Does it cost anything to customise a product?

Tweaking and adding additional components can be done without cost. We charge for extensive design works, but we’re efficient and know what we’re doing so the costs are kept to a minimum. Under whatever circumstances we will always let you know upfront if design charges are applicable.