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Crow's Nest - L003800

The lyPa Crow’s Nest is beautiful addition to other lyPa structures, providing a lookout spot perfect for imaginative play.

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The lyPa Crow’s Nest is a high spot for kids to survey the play space and experience the sensation of height whilst feeling safe in the stainless steel ‘nest.’ Scaling the climbing nets up to the Crow’s Nest cage delivers a physical challenge with plenty of upper-body work. Reminiscent of a ship with rigging, crow’s nest platform, and mast, this equipment is ideal for sparking imaginative play.

The lyPa Crow’s nest is modifiable so it can be incorporated into a larger structure. It is manufactured from locally sourced Australian jarrah, with a locally fabricated galvanised steel cage structure. The nets are durable steel-core, with a nylon-coated play rope.

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