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Skywalker & Tube Slide - L002601

The lyPa Skywalker is an awesome cubby-at-height, incorporating climbing challenges and rope bridge between two towers as well as a tube slide

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The lyPa Skywalker is a cubby-at-height perfect for climbing, scrambling and zipping down a fireman’s pole, all under weatherproof roofing. There are multiple methods of getting up or down, and you can choose to incorporate other interactive elements such as talking tubes, pulleys and chutes.
This cubby is ideal for kids who love to hide, peeking out through portholes and railings, or dashing across a rope bridge. The bridge provides the sensation of being suspended high above ground level, and yet the child is in a safe, enclosed net structure.

The Skywalker is a great way to safely build children’s confidence with heights. It is manufactured from locally sourced Australian jarrah with durable nylon play rope and locally fabricated galvanised steel elements.

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