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Lathlain Park Redevelopment

Client: Town of Victoria Park

As part of Lathlain Park’s Redevelopment lyPa installed a range of equipment suitable for various ages and abilities. The Sky Walker is a cubby-at-height, perfect for climbing, scrambling and zipping down a fireman’s pole, all under weatherproof roofing. A Boat including a steering wheel, timber gangplank, seating, portholes and tug rope is perfect for toddler and pre-school aged children to explore.

lyPa’s Cluster Climber provides a unique climbing course that allows kids to practice co-ordinating their feet, legs and hands. The installed Hill Climb encourages co-ordination and balance as kids negotiate the up-hill and down-hill climb. It also acts an excellent imaginative play piece where children can imagine themselves as mountain climber, campers, commandos or more. The Vine Run helps the children build their coordination and physical skills further whilst experiencing an element of risk.

A Hammock provides a great place for lying back and pointing out cloud creatures with friends in the middle of the surrounding activity. A Rain Wheel can be spun at different speeds for children to create a variety of sounds and demonstrates concepts such as cause and effect in a fun and playful way. The pair of stainless steel talking tubes allow children to connect with other children or adults across the playground.

Project Gallery

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