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Nido Early School, Belmont

Client: Nido Early School

lyPa constructed and installed a large selection of bespoke play equipment for Nido’s new childcare center in Belmont. A customised raised climber with double slides and underside hidey-holes allows for children to escape the surrounding activity. Cargo nets and steps provide a variety of access paths to the top of the climber. The inclusion of talking tubes allows kids at the top of the climber to connect with those underneath.

lyPa created a series of cast insitu concrete water creek plinths connected to a water fountain via a water play table with gate. These water play elements sit within a sand pit which allow for an immersive water and sand play experience. The plinths utilise exposed aggregate concrete to create a tactile experience. Within the same sandpit lyPa installed a kitchen bench with a concrete top. This provides an additional opportunity for the children to explore sand and water play.

A selection of other bespoke cubbies were installed including a Shop Front Cubby and a Creeper Cubby. The Creeper Cubby utilizes wire mesh to allow adjacent climbers to cover the structure, producing a cubby space cocooned in vegetation.

A Magnetic Activity Panel was included which provides a variety of play and learning experiences. It can be used with magnetic numbers and letters; as a story board; for weaving; and when our magnetic channels are used with water or small balls, children can experiment with and learn about basic science principles. In addition, a Blackboard Activity Panel was also included, assisting children to express their creativity, or pass on messages to each other. The blackboard can also be used in role play games, helping children to reflect on, process, and understand experiences had in the classroom.

Other play equipment that was installed as part of the design include a Wigwam, a bird aviary, Balance Sleepers with Stumps and Jarrah Steppers to create journey pathways. Jarrah clad planters were also installed to grow a variety of planting including sensory and edible plants. The planters have an inner lining to contain the soil, and also a self-contained water reservoir to reduce the frequency of watering.

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