Play is fundamental for the healthy development of kids…

lyPa has developed a range of play pieces that offer quality play opportunities, while possessing natural beauty which will enhance the environment in which they are set.

Our team is happy to provide guidance and collaboration to ensure chosen play pieces are best suited to your location, budget and desired play outcomes.

lyPa Products

At lyPa we make high-quality play pieces, operating within an efficient little manufacturing environment that offers great value for money. If mass production is at one end of the spectrum, and artisan is at the other, then our products sit balanced somewhere in between.

Our pieces can be purchased as you see them, or customised to suit any play environment you can imagine.

We are continually developing our range of products and are always looking for ways to provide new experiences that will fully engage kids in quality play.

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Our manufacturing processes are built upon standardised techniques, so even when we’re building customised play pieces, we don’t start by reinventing the wheel. Before we pick up tools and go into the workshop, we make 3D models of our pieces so that we can have a good look at what is planned and to make sure we understand each piece, inside and out. The one thing we’re always looking for, however, can’t be modelled — the unique variances in all our raw and natural materials that, once spotted, we can highlight and use to create a feature within the piece.

With our eye for detail, artistic flair and strong design principles, our team engages in ongoing collaboration throughout the whole process — from client discussions to drawing board to the workshop floor and beyond.


Whenever we can, and for the vast majority of our products, we source our materials from local suppliers and work with local fabricators for our metal components — we’re fortunate to be able to work jointly with a range of knowledgeable and skilled partners. We really only look overseas if, after checking with local sources, we need a particular component of particular quality that is not available locally.

The majority of our products are based around timber, so we use locally sourced hardwoods, principally Jarrah with its beautifully coloured and grained timbers, produced on a sustainable basis (more trees are grown than harvested each year) from the ranges east of Perth down to Albany.


As with all play equipment, regular checks will be essential and although the maintenance requirements of our products do vary, some will last generations without any intervention whatsoever while other components will really benefit from annual treatment.

We treat our timber with natural oils to accentuate its distinctive hardwood grain and retain its inherently resistant properties, so that with annual treatment it will last a lifetime. We don’t see a lot of point in building with high-grade timber only to cover it in a thick coating rendering the timber indistinguishable from powder-coated steel or plastic.