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MacFaull Park

Client: City of Cockburn

lyPa designed, constructed and installed a 50m double flying fox as an exhilarating experience within this park. The rubber pommels allows for children to sit or stand as they race along side a friend or friend-to-be. A Subiaco Climber is another bespoke lyPa piece featured in this park. This multi-faceted log-climb challenge incorporates log climbing rungs, log steps, play rope netting, and a viewing platform to allow kids to get up high and survey the territory. It’s design offers graduated challenges offering ‘easy ways’ and ‘hard ways’ to engage kids at a level suitable to their own abilities.

The swinging opportunities provided by the A-Frame Tall Swing allow for great sensory input. With the crossbar sitting 4 meters above the ground children can experience long sweeps with each swing for a really fulfilling play experience. lyPa also provided several Log Bench Seats across the playscape. These robust seats are constructed of locally sourced Jarrah mounted onto galvanized steel legs.

Project Gallery

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